The Best Storage Rack

The Best Storage Rack for your Storeroom or Bomb Shelter

A Guide for Selecting The Best Storage Rack for your Storeroom or Bomb Shelter


Most of us have a storeroom in our house. Whether you are staying in HDB, Condo or Landed house, you will also need some storage space. Here is a guide to choosing your 1st storeroom rack. Or if you have already gotten one, here are some things you should take note of. We will walk you through in details the pros and cons of different type of rack available in the current market.


Boltless vs Bolted Rack

These bolted racks secure the standing leg frame to the shelves using bolt and nuts. These traditional bolt and nuts will rust over time and cause it to be weaken. Bolted rack takes up more staged space as they need to be screwed and fixed on site. It is tough for them to be dismantled easily due to its installation nature therefore, more sweat is needed to move the shelf to a different height. With that said, more rack owners are going for the alternative.

The common trend now are metal boltless racks. As the name suggests, a boltless rack needs no special equipment to be assembled. The polished, continuous lines of the racking system complemented by the clean finishes give an aesthetic appeal, which has contributed to their fame and reputation among suppliers even among office buildings and commercial center storage. They are made for anyone to DIY and easily connect the parts.


Boltless vs Bolted Rack




Boltless Rack with Butterfly Hinges vs Keyhole Hinges

Suppliers offer different types of Boltless storeroom racks. They vary in their hinges. The two types of boltless rack hinge are in Keyhole and Butterfly grooves. The Butterfly hinges have deep grooves of 3cm depth while the Keyhole hinges has a 1.5cm depth.

With the Keyhole grooves, it requires heavier items to lay it down firmly and more than one layer of shelves to keep it together. Due to the nature of shorter grooves, it might be easy to collapse upon knocking into the shelf.

The Butterfly hinge is able to provide more stability for its deeper grooves to provide support for overall structure and ensure the horizontal frame will attached nicely without coming apart.


Boltless Rack with Butterfly Hinges vs Keyhole Hinges




Z-Welded Leg Frame vs Straight Leg Frame

Next, moving on to the beams and stand of the shelves. There are two types in the market, mainly Z Welded Leg frame and Straight Leg frame that support the entire structure of the shelves.

Straight Leg frame are made of 4 independent beams which requires you to put additional shelves on top of one another to stabilize its form.

Z Leg has a double welding at the top and bottom of the frame. It is very sturdy on its own. To connect both side of the legs and stabilize it, only 1 shelve panel is needed to secure the entire frame.

If you have luggage and big items in your storeroom, you can leave the bottom to middle part of the shelve empty to put away those items and build 2 to 3 more shelves from middle to top for your other storage. Here are some tips for building your DIY storeroom rack.


Z-Welded Leg Frame vs Straight Leg Frame




Base of Storage Rack - Flat Based Shaped vs L-Shaped

As for the base of the boltless rack, there are two stark differences within all the domestic and office racks suppliers in Singapore. The 1st is an L-shaped Base Stand shown in the photo. Like its name, its base has a surface area shaped in a “L” with its entire weight of the shelves resting on the perpendicular structure. Over time, impact from the heavy-duty weight of shelves might leave marking on your floor. Most sellers will provide you with a rubber cap to protect against damage.

The 2nd type is Flat Base Stand. These flat bases will carry the weight of the shelves, prevent cuts to your tiles and be good to your newly renovated flooring. The supplier will usually provide rubber pads as well for additional layer of cushion. Try to look out for these details when you shop for your racks as they make a significance difference in the long term.


Flat Based Shaped vs L-Shaped




Shelves Material - Metal vs Wood

The 3 common materials used in racks are metal made of Steel and wood made of Plywood and Fiberboard.

The humidity level in Singapore is high. Many items in your homes suffer from excessive humidity. Materials that have organic components are highly susceptible to mold, dust mite & silverfish infestations. Wood is highly porous and can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water weight when saturated. This makes wood ideal for fungal growth at high humidity.

Many mold species love cellulose which is a primary component of wood. At high humidity wood is very susceptible to mold causing wood to rot. These mold emit bad and stale odour that lead to mold plague over the long haul that might cause discomfort to susceptible people suffering from allergies. Over time, wood will decay and cause wear and tear.

It might form splinter which could graze your hands as you reach for your items or slide your finger across the surface of the shelves. Wood also gives your rack a heavier look and dull in color overtime.

That is why more people are opting for white metal racks as it has a cleaner look and does not give way under humid environment. Most metal racks in Singapore are coated with epoxy coating to give it a smooth finishing and does not rust. They are made to last for a long time.


Shelves Material - Metal vs Wood




Installation Layout in HDB Homes

More young couples are going for white, clean and sturdiness rack. White rack gives off a cleaner and brighter appearance compared to black rack which are outdated from the past. Boltless rack is easy to install, has adjustable shelving and prevents rust. Also, Z frame minimized the need to add more shelving and are sturdy on its own. These are some installation layouts in most Singaporean HDB houses differing from BTO Bomb Shelter, Storeroom and Kitchen dryer area.


Installation Layout in HDB Homes


Why you should get White Storeroom Rack

After knowing all the difference, you are now ready to make an informed decision on getting your first storeroom rack. If you already own one, that’s amazing! For more information on white boltless racks, you can check out We offer white, boltless metal racks for your newly renovated flats or even existing homeowners to stash your things away neatly.


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