DIY Storage Rack

A Step By Step Guide To Build a Storage Rack

How to Build a DIY Storage Rack


Our storage racks are fast and simple to install. No tools are required for the installation.

Simply follow our video or written instructions below and you will be ready to install your own storeroom rack in less than 5 minutes!



How to Build a DIY Storage Rack



Step by Step Guide On Self-Installation.


Step 1: 

Please ensure that you have the following items for 1 set of Rack, 

Item Quantity Remarks
Vertical Side Frame (VSF) 2 The “legs”
Horizontal Side Frame (HSF) 8 You will need 2 pieces of this to support a single shelf
Metal Shelf 4 These will be placed in last



Step 2: 

To start, position 2 VSF along the wall for support. You may lean one or both (whichever you are comfortable with) of the VSF on the wall to pick up your HSF as illustrated in the photo.


DIY Storage Rack Self Installation


Step 3: 

Next, insert the sides of the HSF into the VSF at the very bottom of both legs as illustrated in the picture. Repeat this for the opposite side. Once the HSF has been inserted, the rack is able to stand on its own.

Ensure that the HSF is inserted in the same level on both VSF for the HSF to be inserted smoothly.


DIY Storage Rack Self Installation


Step 4: 

Repeat Step 3 and add the number of HSF depending on how many shelves you want. Inserting all 8 HSF will give you 4 shelves.

DIY Storage Rack Self Installation


Tips on Shelf Positioning: 

Adjust the shelf height based on what items you plan to put on the shelves. Larger, bulkier items that are placed below may require more space hence it would wise to position the metal shelves on the second level higher to give more space. 


Step 5: 

Lastly, place your metal shelves in between all of the HSF and you have completed the installation. Our racks are adjustable, and at anytime if you require more space on one of the shelving, feel free to repeat Step 3 to allocate more space to the metal shelves.


DIY Storage Rack Self Installation


If you find it easy to do your own DIY Installation, you may choose to do Self Collection at our Office.  

Give 1 working day in advance notice. 


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If you have some doubt about self collection, whether our boltless rack could get into your vehicle,

you may check out our articles regarding (Boltless Rack DIY Self Collection)








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