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Heavy Duty Racking


 Heavy Duty Rack Singapore

When selecting a Heavy duty rack, you may need to consider a few factors before deciding on purchasing a warehouse racking system.


First, the rack has to be safe, does it able to handle the weight load of your product.

Look for rack specification and check out your own product weight combine in a shelve. Besides, the warehouse building, roof height, and floor loading should also be considered when determining the weight and size of the racking systems. It is important that the capacity of the racking is displayed, this will help prevent overloading, which can cause damage.


Our Rack Weight Load:
Weight Load per shelves - 400 kg load
Each Rack comes with 4 shelves - Total weight load is 1,600 kg load


Second, is the shelves fully metal shelves? Is the complete rack powder coated?

If it is fully metal shelves and powder coated rack, the shelves would be smooth and it will not hurt the workers or staff working on the logistics.
At StoreRoom Rack Singapore, our Racks are all fully metal, and powder coated.


Heavy Duty Rack Singapore


Third, is the Heavy Duty Rack easy to assemble and dismantle?

At StoreRoom Rack Singapore, our racks are easy to install, and adjustment of shelve's height is easily customized according to customer preference. Our horizontal shelves have interlocking beam connections to the vertical frame of the rack. When more load is added to the shelves, the whole structure becomes more sturdy and stable.


Fourth, is the Heavy Duty Racking System Singapore provides delivery and installation?

StoreRoom Rack Singapore provides both delivery and installation of all our project. Our in-house technician will build and configure the warehouse rack according to customers requirement. Adhered to the industrial and commercial guideline.


Fifth, Every customer will appreciate when the price is affordable, and without compromising the quality of the rack.

We always keep our price competitive to the market, making every rack affordable to our customers. We made our price transparent, display all our price on our website for everyone to compare them.

Warehouse Racking Systems are essential for material handling, logistics function on a daily basis. Moving bulky material, order picking, and retrieving process need to make simple.


Our Rack Specifications:

Height (mm): 2000, 2400
Depth (mm): 600
Length (mm): 2000, 2450

Decking Material: Full Metal Shelving
Colour: Blue vertical frame, Orange horizontal beam, White Metal Shelve
Loading Capacity: 400kg per level


We install and supply light, medium and heavy-duty warehouse rack to corporations, government, school, institution, hospital, retail shops.
They are used mainly in applications such as distribution centers, cold storage, and general warehousing logistic setup, tool room, maintenance room, in cold room, outdoor, in a kitchen setting and accounting storage room. The most recent usage is for cryptocurrency mining operation, which is a huge demand for light and medium duty racking systems.


Heavy Duty Rack Singapore








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